Why list with me

I grew up in Seattle and have lived here most of my life. My familiarity, combined with technical expertise working with buyers and sellers in neighborhoods throughout the area, give me a unique sense of the market. This is critical to an effective sales strategy for each home.  I provide a detailed market analysis, custom marketing plan and the technical expertise to guide you through the complex sales process. Our goal is the least amount of hassle and the highest possible price.

Of course, nothing speaks more to my abilities than my previous clients. I invite you to take a look at my testimonials.

If you're thinking about selling, please contact me anytime.

Your property value

If you're thinking of selling your home or property, the best place to start is to understand its approximate value. With the information below, I can provide you with a current market analysis (CMA) using the information only Realtors have access to, including current and historical sales prices of properties in your neighborhood, tax records, and more. There is no obligation or fee, and your information won't be shared with anyone.

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Preparing to Sell


Declutter. Move out everything you don't use every day. Pare down on furniture and take all the personal pictures off the walls. Buyers are going to want to see as much of your house as possible without being distracted by a crowded room, boxes or excessive dust.

Make small repairs and freshen up. Paint if it's been a few years. Have ripped screen in your door? Stains on the carpet, or a ding in the sheet rock where a door has punched through the wall? While you're at it, re-caulk your tub and make sure you don't have any active leaks under your drain. Those two items will be pointed out in an inspection. Call a handyman or, better yet, make those small repairs yourself if you can. Check your corners for cobwebs. Make sure your front door looks good with a shiny kick plate and/or spiffed up handle and latch. First impressions upon entry should look bright and clean.

Clean up the yard. Mow your grass, weed, plant some bright flowers and add mulch where needed. Plant a few oversized pots for your porch or next to the front door.

Every house will have its own needs, but some basic items below will get you started. When we meet, I'll walk through your home and give you a detailed review, and help you pick out some flowers.