Claire did nothing short of a spectacular job. She is the best real estate agent I have ever worked with. She always went above and beyond the call of duty. I would highly recommend her to family or friends.
— D. Lowman

Amazing. Claire consistently went above and beyond in every aspect of our home buying experience. As distance buyers, Claire provided detailed videos and written summaries of every property we asked her to view on our behalf. She is a wealth of information on many topics, including inspection issues (electrical, structural, plumbing), housing trends, and community information. In addition, Claire even provided use of a table, bed and sheets, dishes, and shower essentials to make our quick stay in our new home comfortable! She did all of this without being asked and out if her own generosity after closing. We have never experienced such an amazing level of dedication and expertise, and we can’t thank Claire enough for making this a perfect home buying experience.
— T. Haigh

Highly professional, responsive, proactive, exceeded expectations.
— A. O'Neil

Nothing less than excellent. Claire went through all of the paperwork, explaining things to the detail that we requested. She helped us make decisions but left us in the drivers seat so we felt in control of the situation. She was always optimistic but realistic in the sale of our house. Claire always went way above and beyond for the sale of our house - from shopping for props for staging, to baking fresh cinnamon rolls when other Windermere agents came to look, to running to the carpet store to find a match for our carpet after an unexpected flood in the basement right before closing! Claire was always ready to help with whatever needed doing to make everything work. She regularly held open houses, made sure that there were always flyers available, and followed up with potential buyers. We are eternally grateful that we were able to work with Claire and that she helped us succeed in selling our house in a difficult market. We would like more of whatever Claire bakes.
— L. Oehl

She took the baton time and time again. My experience with former realtors has been that they are pretty busy with so many clients, that they needed me to perform all sorts of tasks that Claire just insisted on doing (e.g. watering my plants). Everything was seamless. I did not have any need to interact with anyone but Claire. Honestly, Claire was perfect in every way.
— C. Boardman

I cannot emphasize strongly enough the commendable work that Claire did with us this year. In addition to the level of professionalism, humor and tenacity that she brought to her work, she also had a team of individuals (e.g., loan officer, closing agent) with similarly high quality work ethics. While I think my husband and I would have noticed the ease with which Claire navigated the process for us, what became apparent to us in the 7 months we worked with her is just how much higher the quality of Claire’s work was than most of the other agents, loan officers, and closing teams.
— J. Toft

She went above and beyond and was very accommodating. She went out and took pictures of houses that we were interested in, before even meeting. She has given me advice and recommendation on everything from tailors to restaurants to stores. She exceeded our expectation in every way possible.
— S. Curial

Claire Newman went above and beyond our expectations, she was fantastic in every sense of the word. I couldn’t have asked for a better real estate agent, she really is top notch. She exceeded our expectations in so many ways. She was so responsive to all of our emails, she took pictures of our listings and sent them to us when we were out of town, she has been there to answer all of our questions and concerned, took time to explain to us the process and ensured that we understood each step, and the list goes on...
— H. Wong

Claire was always very helpful and courteous. She became a friend. Very personable. She was more than an agent. She always did the ‘little things’ that made a super impression such as bringing lattes and snacks to us each time we went house looking. Great lady - You should be proud of having her as your representative!!
— J. Buehl

Claire was phenomenal. She explained everything. From big details of the house to tiny details about tiles used in the house, the neighborhood etc. She was pro-active in telling us what properties will not be great in long run. Knowing the area, being there all the time whenever we needed her help and finding us people to get the work done ASAP.
— A. Bhambry

Claire was awesome - it was nice to not feel pressured into buying a place I didn’t like or couldn’t afford. She took the time to get to know us, and as a result, she had a good sense of what we were looking for. If we saw a house that wasn’t a good fit she was able to say ‘I don’t think you’ll like this place’, which was refreshing. It didn’t feel like she was just trying to make a sale.
— J. Deasy

Excellent! I would recommend her and would use her for a home purchase ANY time. Very knowledgable. Provided excellent contacts for inspection, repairs, reference, etc. Always very responsive and quick to react to our requests, questions, offers.
— B. Wolcott

Claire was extremely thorough and knowledgeable. She answered all of our questions about the buying process in very simple terms. She answered our calls and texts any time of day and offered to drive me when I needed a ride to look at a house. I’m totally satisfied.
— I. Obermuller